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Adoption Grants

GLADS encourages families to experience the joy of adopting a baby with Down Syndrome through advocacy and financial support in the form of grants.

Grant Eligibility

Step 1:

Apply for an application grant from NDSAN (, the nation’s leading coordinator of placing babies with Down Syndrome with adoptive families.

Step 2:

Forward evidence of the NDSAN grant to GLADS and complete the simple GLADS grant application below.

Step 3:

Upon review and approval, a grant of up to 25% of adoption costs will be awarded by GLADS, up to a maximum of $2,500.


Grant Application

Full Name of prospective parents *
Full Name of prospective parents
Birth date of child to be adopted *
Birth date of child to be adopted
Have you been awarded an adoption grant from NDSAN? *
Are you willing to send a note of appreciation and a couple of photos of your newly created family to GLADS? *
Does GLADS have your approval to forward your note and photos to both the donors that made the grant possible and to post on the website to encourage more families to consider adoption and donors to support those adoptions? *