Rosalie Love Mackenzie's Family

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the grant towards the adoption of our precious daughter. My husband and I have been married almost five years. We were a childless couple that specifically wanted to adopt a little one with Down syndrome. I am a special education teacher and my husband worked in a warehouse, but had experience with the special needs community through my classroom. We knew that in expanding our family, we wanted to adopt a little one with special needs because we had experience in the school and community setting, and we felt like we could provide a myriad of opportunities. When our daughter was born, my husband left his job so he could be a full time stay at home parent to ensure she gets all of the therapies and attention she needs to thrive. This grant has been such a blessing to us and our family while we transition to a one income family and become settled into everyday life with a newborn. She is six months old now, and she is the light of our lives. We are so incredibly happy and in love. We are grateful to this grant for helping make this process easier for us financially and emotionally by helping us feel supported by other people who also believe in the mission of special needs adoption.

Heidi Browne